New Space

Exciting news in my life: I'm moving! Soon I'll have a functioning apartment and studio space based out of Gravesend Brooklyn - one of the oldest colonies in the United States, and the first to be founded by a woman. It'll be great to have such a strong place to grow my life and my work. Living so far away will also (hopefully) make me a much more intentional person...I've got a minimum 45 minute train ride to look forward to. Lots more day planning will be involved! 

I have a few sweaters in the works that I can't wait to start on once I'm settled. I'm doing one for my friend Sharon in exchange for her branding my line, Strange Loop, and another for my soon to be ex-roommate Vicki who's making me a set of porcelain dinner plates for the new place. Trading is my favorite thing.

Process photos to come. Sharon's sweater is just waiting to be cast on. Soon!